Working notes

WWII links Battle of Brittian

Intro (release prior to session)

  • Germany losing on every front
  • Terror weapons – V1 & V2, jet planes
  • A defecting scientist reveals Secret base (need a cool place like the rocket base – rocky and remote. Many things going on, although “siloed”
  • Access by submarine
  • Spies discover that Nazi’s know the base has been compromised – pulling out
  • Mission – get in and find out what is left/clues. OR – known that Dr. X cannot move his experiment – trying something big – time running out!
  • Can we run this as a giant Chase with Scenes?

Opening Scene

  • Anti-sub fencing.
    • Repair to open
    • If no notice, then trigger alarm
      • Chase scene – on mini-subs, have harpoon guns – Nazi’s in same


Need to decide if abandoned, token force, or something creepy (undead Nazis left behind)

  • Upper area
    • Harbor
    • Barracks/Cantine
    • Cap to lower areas
      • Equipment damaged, need repair rolls to fix
  • Lower area
    • Sweep of areas (Maybe random roll)
      • Abandoned
      • On same level (lowest) – there was a biological/genetic experiment to create a creature to release on the battlefield. They were too dangerous to transport. They numbered 30 originally, now only 2 per Wild left (only the strongest survive). PCs can see the portcullis is closed and can see bones of weird looking creatures. Maybe one slams against the portcullis. If the PCs deal with them now, the person with the idea gets a bennie. Otherwise, they come into play in the final battle.
      • Dr. X’s time portal


Need to have a handout with

  • Rules for changing time
  • Events altered in the past that a player can rattle off every now and then.
  • Repair -2 or Weird Science to figure out machine – it is set to the time and place, it just needs activated (missing a part the PCs have to defeat someone to get?).

Back to the Future

Some items where time has been changed

The Bomb that Changed the War


  • In the lab, there is a torn note on a pad. It is entitled Possibilities. They need to do the old pencil trick to read them (maybe do this as a prop)
    • Get pilots put on leave
    • Sabotage bomb load (duds)
    • Sabotage plane – He111 – The Flying Schnitzel
    • Steal RAF night fighters and intercept
  • The pilots might have been given “leave” and are at the zone-in point. PCs defeat the goons and convince the crew to go back
  • May sabotage the plane – repair, or get another plane (repaint number)
  • May have to fly themselves or fly a few planes as escort (ME 110s vs 109s)
  • What is final battle?
    • PCs return to the house, the portal it open! (once opened by Dr X on this side, it cannot be closed until all time travelers cross over
    • Dr X has released the creatures from the other lab (unless already dealt with)
    • Big fight in the lab – use telekinesis to throw stuff at PCs, etc.

Working notes

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